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Jeff Richards here. I created this blog for Titanya so you would have one place to view updates regarding her recent very serious medical condition and where you could add your comments if you wish to do so. I know Titanya will add some of her own comments to the blog, but for right now; I am adding her dictated comments and some of my own, plus have posted the comments already written by David Feinstein that many of you may have received already.

Titanya is now out of the hospital and working hard to recover from the past five weeks of this stressful situation. She is still very weak and who knows when she will even have the energy to view her blog or see your comments, but she eventually will.

She still requests that the BEST way to send your wishes is to send her a card to her home:

Titanya Dahlin
1009 Tinkerbell Ave.
Big Bear City, California 92314

I do know she also doesn't want you to panic and worry about her. Instead, send the positive energy that will continue to dissipate her blood clots and hold the confidence that I do; that she will be back to her old vibrant self soon.

Thank you so much and if you feel the need to talk; you can reach me, preferably by phone at (909) 534-1314.

Jeff Richards
March 25, 2009

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These comments were previously posted:

Jyoti said...
So happy to hear you're out of the hospital. You've been constantly on my mind in my heart during this time. Let's move those blood clots on out girl, so you can come back to Sedona. Much love to both you and Jeff.
March 27, 2009 11:03 AM

Val said...
You have been in my heart & prayers. You are a amazing woman and will conquer this! Love , Valerie Greene
March 28, 2009 3:52 PM

Genevieve said...
You have been in my prayers and I send you lots of good healing energy. I'm happy to hear that you are out of the hospital. Now with your Mom's and the rest of the family's care and healing energies, I know you will get stronger each day.Love, Gen BonoCP Graduate, Feb 2008
March 30, 2009 8:16 PM

marcelline said...
Dear Tanya, much love and healing energy to you fromMarcelline and Mireille. Luckily you know that the body has a very strong intent to heal itself always.
April 1, 2009 12:18 PM

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hi Everyone,

There is so much happening with so many of us in the world right now.
Wondering if it's preparing us for 2012, so that life can be easier then.
I've been in "it "for almost two years and I really do hope that my
strength is building, like they say happens, when you face the darkness
in all of it's magnitude.
I just got back from the certification program in Phoenix. So, some of you
have seen me there or perhaps you saw me this summer in a wheelchair
on the Alaskan Cruise? Even though, I've been spotted and even danced
with, I still have been experiencing trauma.
Even now, I am awaiting if I go back into the hospital for ANOTHER blood
This summer, some of the health blessings that happened to
me is that the doctors saw that I have no more blood clots (5 months before
their diagnosis! That was Energy Work!) and they took me off of Coumadin. Yay!
I hated the stuff and didn't want to be on it. It took me 2 separate blood transfusions
this summer in order for them to tell me that I was bleeding to death from Coumadin!!!
Coumadin made me have a 60 day period. One lady in the health food store said that she
would never complain about her cycles again, when she heard that. Right now, I am
waiting for another cycle to stop that's just too long and taking all my energy.
I have no idea how I taught the Bellydance workshops in New York and Boston this
summer, with very little blood to do it. I'm a Fire, that's why and I can Fake it!!!
Anyway, I love your prayers. I still need them. This has been too long of a haul and I'd like
it to stop now. Blood can do funny things. We need it to Think. We need it to Walk. We
need it to be Happy and Live life to it's fullest. Without blood, one can get very depressed
on life. I love you all and I know good things are yet to come...so please keep me in those prayers. Thanks!


  1. Dear Tanya! Thank you for writing about what's been going on with you. I have been wondering how you are, and worried not to hear anything here in your blog. It's great that your clots are all gone now! I will include you in my daily distant healing work. You will be well again! Love, Marian

  2. Thanks for the update, Titanya! You are in my prayers. Sending light and love . . .


  3. Hi, Tanya! I am SO glad you're off the Coumadin. I hate it too, but I have to admit that for my 90 year old mother, a low dose has helped her not have as many "vascular accidents" as we say in the med biz. Small strokes for a normal person's vocabulary. So I am beginning to feel less dogmatic about it's use.
    She never had much confidence in EM, even when I got her through an episode of atrial fibrillation. Now that she's in the nursing home we have to go with conventional medicine, but they let me bring her supplements and even mix a toddy for her to drink every night!
    I love the photo of you and Dondi and baby, and the ones decorating the sides of the blog.
    Hooray for no more clots! Your trials and your healing were both amazing.
    888888888888888888888, Sue Gridley