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Jeff Richards here. I created this blog for Titanya so you would have one place to view updates regarding her recent very serious medical condition and where you could add your comments if you wish to do so. I know Titanya will add some of her own comments to the blog, but for right now; I am adding her dictated comments and some of my own, plus have posted the comments already written by David Feinstein that many of you may have received already.

Titanya is now out of the hospital and working hard to recover from the past five weeks of this stressful situation. She is still very weak and who knows when she will even have the energy to view her blog or see your comments, but she eventually will.

She still requests that the BEST way to send your wishes is to send her a card to her home:

Titanya Dahlin
1009 Tinkerbell Ave.
Big Bear City, California 92314

I do know she also doesn't want you to panic and worry about her. Instead, send the positive energy that will continue to dissipate her blood clots and hold the confidence that I do; that she will be back to her old vibrant self soon.

Thank you so much and if you feel the need to talk; you can reach me, preferably by phone at (909) 534-1314.

Jeff Richards
March 25, 2009

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Jyoti said...
So happy to hear you're out of the hospital. You've been constantly on my mind in my heart during this time. Let's move those blood clots on out girl, so you can come back to Sedona. Much love to both you and Jeff.
March 27, 2009 11:03 AM

Val said...
You have been in my heart & prayers. You are a amazing woman and will conquer this! Love , Valerie Greene
March 28, 2009 3:52 PM

Genevieve said...
You have been in my prayers and I send you lots of good healing energy. I'm happy to hear that you are out of the hospital. Now with your Mom's and the rest of the family's care and healing energies, I know you will get stronger each day.Love, Gen BonoCP Graduate, Feb 2008
March 30, 2009 8:16 PM

marcelline said...
Dear Tanya, much love and healing energy to you fromMarcelline and Mireille. Luckily you know that the body has a very strong intent to heal itself always.
April 1, 2009 12:18 PM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tiernan's Birth!

Hi Sweet Friends,
Although I have been seen at different events, I am still trying to dissolve these blood clots, so that I can be off of Coumadin...a dangerous drug my father was on and I hated it! Here I am, on the same drug! I just came back from a great trip with Tiernan(my new nephew and friend) Dondi and Roger. Dondi and I were teaching our annual Bellydance retreat in upstate New York, and in Boston. In between, we did some sight seeing through Nantucket and the Cape! We missed Hurricane Bill!
I came back only to be taken back to the hospital for more tests and procedures.
Tell a Fire to slow down in life...Ha! Fat chance! But, I am back for a couple of weeks to rest as much as I could.
I have loved getting back to my life again... accompanying my Mom and David in Energy Medicine courses, reading life colors, energy dancing, and watching my buddy, Tiernan, change day to day.
Dondi has become maternal and gotten more into her Earth Element and it's very nice to see, since we all thought (including her Wood self) she would never have children. My Mom and David are very happy as Grandparents, of course.
There are lots of things I have had to let go of in my life, seeing the way life has made it's own plans...Having Children by now and Giving my mother a grandchild are a few of them. Don't get me wrong...I'm still gonna have children...but I'm letting life take it's course in this direction...of what will be.
Tiernan has helped me let go of control. So...here is a sweet memory of the night that he was born... This is the photo of me Tiernan and Dondi the night she gave birth!!!
Here's a bit of the story of the night that Tiernan came into the world.

I had missed the birth by seconds, but was at the back door, listening to the baby's crys. I felt at peace as I entered. I wasn't stressed. Yay. I came in and Mom, me and Dondi continued to birth the placenta and sew Dondi up from tearing. I helped in the hardest part. I was at Dondi's side telling her to breathe. Somehow she had stupid classes where they didn't teach her that, but told her to envision her "vagina opening like a lotus". That's all good, but not reality. I felt like I had been in birthing rooms and caves over and over again, in other lifetimes. It felt natural to me, especially since envisioning this happening to me, so many times and teaching it in my Bellydance classes.
Well, Tiernan was rushed away to bond with the men in the other room and us, women did the dirty work. It was a wonderful bonding between Mom, me and Dondi and the midwife (a French woman-Rogers family is French which is interesting) even though Dondi was in so much pain. Mom almost fainted and had to leave the room, probably because it is hard to see your daughter in so much pain. That's understandable. I stayed calm for Dondi. I was so sad for Dondi to feel all this pain that she didn't expect or deserve. I am the one that has felt physical pain and goes to the hospitals over and over again throughout my life. She has never seen that side of life; she wasn't used to it. She didn't need that.
Well, baby came back into the room and dondi exclaimed or someone in the room said, "Hey, we don't know the sex yet?" Dondi lovingly looked at me and said "would you like to find out." I was delighted and peeked under the covers and exclaimed, "There it is!" We all knew what that meant. We had a little boy!
I always knew it was going to be a boy...even when last September, on our birthday, Dondi dropped the news. It has been very hard this last year, feeling my own emotions and trying to feel happy for Dondi. I didn't succeed that, many times over the course of the year. And now...I feel much more free from emotions.
There was a few of you, (including Jeff who had a dream about Dondi and Rogers boy the night before Dondi told him she was pregnant), that felt it too, even though EVERYONE else said, "Girl". ..So, I was the FIRST ONE to see his little peeny. I hear it's not so little anymore and the doctors are amazed at it's growth. ha ha ha

I am also taking my name as "Auntie" very seriously...as I never thought I would become one.
I have taken the name, Tauntie(German), and Tia(Spanish), as it seems so many of you are self -proclaiming yourselves as Aunts! There are only 2 of us...ME and Roger's sister, Monique.
So watch out!

This is my favorite photo so far. I love it because there I am holding Tiernan and Dondi is proudly being so cute after giving birth...behind us, representing the symbol of acceptance and presence of an angel.


  1. What a wonderful story to share. I love the picture of you and Tiernan. You are such a beautiful soul and inspiration to me and so many others.

  2. Thanks for telling your lovely story and the precious picture of the 3 of you... you are all glowing! And Congratulations Tauntie Tia Titanya. Have fun and be well you sweet Fire woman, you! love you, Allee

  3. Hi Titanya and Dondi,

    Dondi, we haven't 'spoken' for ages, since I went off at those numbskulls who were giving you a beat down on tribe.net and you sent me a lovely message. Anyways, I would like to congratulate you on Tiernan's birth! He's gorgeous :)

    I would love to hear how you're doing with the blood clots now. I wish you all the bestest in the world and hope they all just go away and give you peace and serenity.

    I am so loving all the photos here!
    Lots of love to you both!